Before I jump right into things I thought I’d take some time to introduce myself. My name is Liliane Fawzy. I live in Toronto, Canada but was born in Malmo, Sweden to Egyptian and Finnish parents. Complicated right? I think it’s where some of my love for exploring was born since I’ve always been raised with one foot in each culture. I currently work full-time as a surgical coordinator at an ophthalmology clinic which sounds more interesting than it is but it allows me to travel so I’m a happy girl!

When I’m not travelling or looking up where I want to travel to I’m exploring Toronto and all its nature, food and entertainment. On those super cold days when it’s a struggle to go outside I’m either reading one of the hundreds of books I’ve been meaning to read, listening to music or catching up on TV. I dabble in photography, coloring books, puzzles and knitting but don’t get nearly enough time for them to fully qualify as hobbies.

I’ve visited a few continents (Australia, Africa, Europe and North America) but my wanderlust is never satisfied and the ultimate goal is to hit every country in the world at some point and hopefully anybody reading this can come along for the journey!


Selfies are not my strong suit but I’m definitely intending to include photographs so I couldn’t post an introduction without a picture!



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