I love exploring my city and the rest of the world at every chance I get it. While I wished I was able to do this full-time that isn’t the case┬ábut because of this I’ve become quite the expert at time-management. I work 50+ hour workweeks but still can’t resist the urge to sit down and plan my next trip! I aim for 4-5 trips/year and do as many things around the city and Ontario as I can possibly fit in.

I’m a huge fan of social media and have usually kept my posting to Instagram (@lilianefawzy) but have decided to renew my love of writing through this blog!

Why My Toronto, My World?


But what if you leave Toronto??

Don’t worry, this has crossed my thoughts too. But Toronto is where I went to school, where I met my husband and my best friends and even if I were to move somewhere else (which I totally want to at some point) Toronto will always be home and I will always want to show it off and describe the greatness that it is to anyone and everyone.


    • Liliane
      January 31, 2018 / 8:26 pm

      Hi! I work in operations as an intake coordinator for a third party company in Toronto!

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