The thing about every person is that they want different things. I’m a planner and a person who looks forward to things. This means that my free time is spent on the wanderlust hashtag on instagram and adding the most beautiful places to my pinterest travel board but this also means that my list of things I want to see and do never stops growing! Luckily for me I love lists and I love crossing them off even more.

So, in no particular order┬áhere’s my list of places to see, things to do and experiences to have:

  • Visit all countries (yes yes, incredibly ambitious)
  • Visit all continents (technically accomplishing above will not accomplish this)
  • Visit all National Parks in Canada
  • Visit all National Parks in the United States
  • Visit all Provincial Parks in Ontario
  • Visit all of the States in the US
  • Walk the great wall of China
  • Drive on the Auto Bahn
  • See the hot air balloons in Turkey
  • See the Northern lights
  • See the white buildings of Santorini
  • Watch a sunrise in Oia, Santorini
  • Visit an elephant sanctuary
  • See the ball drop on New Year’s in Times Square
  • Experience a German Christmas Fair in Germany
  • Hike Manchu Picchu
  • Stay in the Ice Hotel in Quebec
  • Eat Sushi and Ramen in Japan
  • Attend a Soccer World Cup Game
  • Attend a Soccer Euro Cup Game
  • Have high tea in London (somehow made it to London 4 times without accomplishing this!)
  • Snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef
  • Stay in an above water villa in the Maldives
  • Have a floating breakfast in Bali
  • Ride in a hot air balloon
  • Partake in a light festival (ideally in Asia but I’ll take anywhere at this point!)
  • Stay a night at the Giraffe Manor in Kenya